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About Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are a way of creating an image of the company and sending out a message to the customers or clients giving them a hint of the company policy Vision or standards.

Corporate gifts can also be a means of creating or enhancing the goodwill of the company. It is one of the most effective marketing tools and can be efficiently used for sales promotion and marketing communication.

Corporate Gifts is a great way of sending the right message to the right people. It is one of the effective communication tools which can be used both within and outside the company. Corporate gifts can be used to convey the message of employee loyalty, employee appreciation, encouragement, inspiration within the company. It can be an ideal way of creating awareness about the products and services of the company, while also reminding a client how important they are to the company and showing appreciation the clients continued support in delivering projects. It also provides a platform to renew relations and a note to the client that they are important to the company.

Many a time a corporate gift like a desktop pen stand on a table with your company logo may remind the client at the right time, that you provide the necessary services and they will contact you with their requirement.

There are several categories of corporate gifting and numerous options that can be treated as gifts. They can be broadly classified into three varieties: Promotional giveaways – price range – Low, volume – high. The target audience is vast and belongs to various genres.

General appreciation gifts – Price range – Mid, volume – medium. A target audience is specific but vary from a set of clients or employees.

Luxury Gifts – price range – High, Volume – Low. Target Audience would be niche and elite set of clients or senior management.

About Hasthakriya!

Hasthakriya is leading Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Bangalore, and we are one of the Top T-shirt Manufacturers and supply customised Tshirt in Bangalore. Being corporate gifts suppliers in Bangalore Hasthakriya Gifts has been able to work with some of the major corporate companies and institutions and thus gained a valuable experience on the effectiveness of the concept of corporate gifting. For Corporate Gifts Bangalore being a hub for many corporate houses and Institutions, the demand for promotional giveaways is high and ongoing.

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